Thirteen years after a serial killer stalked the streets and forests of a small Massachusetts town, the last near-victim returns hoping to rebuild his life after recovering from a coma. As Danny Tyler pieces together fragments of lost memory, however, he begins to realize that not only was his childhood very different than he thought at the time, but the wrong man might be in jail for the murders.

Part mystery and part meditation on the nature of perception and memory, DEADFALL explores the dynamics of family and relationships in the aftermath of tragedy.


Two years after the death of his boyfriend, private investigator Michel Doucette is still emotionally adrift. Estranged from his best friend and partner, Sassy Jones, he immerses himself in the familiar routines of work and caring for his dog. When a wealthy socialite hires him to find her missing son, though, Michel sees it not just as a chance to take Sassy’s mind off problems of her own, but as an opportunity to mend their fractured relationship. What appears to be a simple missing person’s case, however, soon turns deadly.

Fierce is the sixth and final novel featuring detectives Michel Doucette and Sassy Jones.

After two years of near-constant upheaval in their professional and personal lives, private investigators Michel Doucette and Alexandra “Sassy” Jones have finally found some peace. For Michel, in particular, everything is near-idyllic, as he and his boyfriend, Joel, build a life together and search for a new home for themselves and their dog, Blue. But when Michel receives a mysterious ransom note, things quickly change, and he and Sassy find themselves at the center of a police investigation. As old friends and enemies suddenly reappear, it becomes all too clear that the past isn’t quite done with them yet.

Reckoning is the fifth novel featuring Michel Doucette and Sassy Jones.


When his cousin Verle is accused of murder, private investigator Michel Doucette heads to the small town of Bayou Proche to help prove Verle’s innocence. In the process, he uncovers a blackmail plot against one of Verle’s closest friends, and an apparent conspiracy to gain control of the mineral rights to Verle’s land in the Atchafalaya Basin. He is also forced to finally confront painful memories from his own childhood.

Blue’s Bayou is the fourth novel featuring Michel Doucette and Sassy Jones.

As former New Orleans homicide detectives Michel Doucette and Alexandra “Sassy” Jones try to get their fledgling private investigation agency off the ground, someone from their past reappears, seeking their help to untangle a business venture with two members of an organized crime family. When the head of the family hires Michel and Sassy to find his missing son, they soon find themselves caught up in an apparent turf war between aging kingpins and an emerging power.

Second Chance is the third novel featuring Michel Doucette and Sassy Jones.


When three young girls go missing, rookie police officer Sassy Jones is assigned to create a profile of the abductor. Seeing the case as an opportunity to establish herself professionally, she immerses herself in her work, but soon, concerns about her personal life lead her off-track.

Twenty five years later when her ex-husband, Carl, commits suicide, he leaves behind photos linking him to the abductions. While Sassy is put on suspension pending an investigation into the initial case, her former partner, Michel Doucette, returns from a leave of absence to investigate the connection between Carl and the possible kidnappings and murders of thirty three more girls.

Echoes is the second book in the series featuring New Orleans homicide detectives Michel Doucette and Alexandra “Sassy” Jones.

A serial killer is stalking New Orleans’ French Quarter.

The day that a tourist is discovered murdered in a guest house, Joel Faulkner, an innocent twenty-three-year-old from Mississippi, arrives in town hoping to start a new life. When he meets homicide detective Michel Doucette he feels his life is finally coming together, but soon he finds himself being drawn into a world of drugs and prostitution, and directly into the path of the killer.

When Michel and his partner, Alexandra “Sassy” Jones, are given the case, Michel sees it as a chance for a fresh start following the death of his mother. Little does he suspect that Joel’s life depends on his finding the killer, or foresee the personal sacrifices he’ll have to make to succeed.

The Quarter Boys is the first book in the series featuring New Orleans homicide detectives Michel Doucette and Alexandra “Sassy” Jones. It was listed as “one of the nine books that I could not put down this summer” by Wayne Gunn on (GunnShots: Fall 2010).

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